Meneely patent for the rotary yoke!

by Dan Meneely on September 30th, 2010

Here’s the patent for the rotary yoke! Google comes through again!

C. H. MENEELY. Improvement in Bell-Yoke Attachments

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  1. Very interesting. The bell in our church was installed in November of 1881, so it appears we have the “New and Improved” version. My husband and I like to take day trips throughout NYS and it is amazing how many Meneely bells we are seeing. All to sadly, many churches are closing. I wonder what the ultimate end of these bells will be. They certainly are impressive bells. Thank you for your website. Until I began researching for our 150th Anniversary and found your site, I don’t believe anyone knew there was maintenance that is helpful to the bell. Thanks again.
    BG, Church Clerk
    First Baptist Church of Port Crane, NY

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