Jan 2 13

Some Facinating Data – Production of the Meneely Bell Foundry (1871-1951)

by Dan Meneely


See link above for entire article

Sep 25 12

Meneely Bell featured on National Geographic Channel

by Dan Meneely

Abandoned: Inside the Gilead Chapel

Aug 26 11

Valley Forge – The Justice Bell for Women’s Suffrage

by Dan Meneely

An early but very signifigant bell in American history, cast by Meneely Bell Foundry — The Justice Bell for Women’s Suffrage (Link below)
Valley Forge – The Justice Bell for Women's Suffrage

Sep 30 10

Meneely patent for the rotary yoke!

by Dan Meneely

Here’s the patent for the rotary yoke! Google comes through again!

C. H. MENEELY. Improvement in Bell-Yoke Attachments

Aug 20 10

Meneely Foundry Marker

by Dan Meneely

Meneely Foundry Marker in Troy, NY


Mar 11 10

Production of the Meneely Bellfoundry

by Dan Meneely

From the TowerBells.org website:

Production of the Meneely bellfoundry,
Troy, New York, USA   (1871-1951)
The Meneely (Troy) bellfoundry is the only one for which sufficient information is readily available to make a detailed analysis of its production of bells over the history of the company.  Here you will find some analysis of that production, as well as information about the logbook on which that analysis is based. (link below)


Mar 5 10

Popular Science archive links to Meneely Bells

by Dan Meneely

New archive from Popular Science and Google Books shows 2 articles featuring the Meneely Bell Foundry (Troy)

First Article, with quotes from Chester Meneely

Second Article, incomplete

I have the rest of this incomplete article from the old Meneely Bell website, which I will post below:

Full article featured in Popular Science

Feb 12 10

A Memior of Andrew Meneely

by Dan Meneely
PDF Version Here:
Oct 23 09

About the Meneely Bell Foundries Blog

by Dan Meneely

I plan on transferring all Meneely Bell Online Museum content to this blog, I will leave the old site up for as long as I can. When I retire it, I will try to have it redirect to this website.

I will contact Wikipedia and any other linking websites so that they can update accordingly.
Eventually this will get listed on Google and other search engines as well.

Oct 23 09

Welcome to Meneely Bell Foundries

by Dan Meneely

I’m still putting this thing together, bear with me.
I plan on having pictures, video and audio links in here too!

Any suggestions would be helpful, I’m tweaking the site settings as I make it.