Production of the Meneely Bellfoundry

by Dan Meneely on March 11th, 2010

From the website:

Production of the Meneely bellfoundry,
Troy, New York, USA   (1871-1951)
The Meneely (Troy) bellfoundry is the only one for which sufficient information is readily available to make a detailed analysis of its production of bells over the history of the company.  Here you will find some analysis of that production, as well as information about the logbook on which that analysis is based. (link below)

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  1. I am fascinated. I am recently investigating these bells and finding out that our church has one from 1881 is very interesting. Nobody knew anything about the bell in our belfry, but now we will be checking it more carefully. It is still rung every week and has been for 129 years, since its installation. Thank you for this website.

  2. Thanks, I’m still trying to keep up with it. I have quite a few more things to do to this site. I just wanted to create a place that will link Meneely Bell resources and information to those who seek it.

  3. Hello,

    We currently have an approx 600 lb bell we believe was installed in a Canoga, NY Presbyterian Church around 1845. A deteriorating steeple caused the bell to be removed for safety reasons. Would like trace the history of this Bell and decide it’s future.

    I can supply pictures of the bell if that would help, plus the Church and Steeple. The Church is in Seneca County and still used as a place of worship. The Church was started in 1835.


    Rick Porter
    Finger Lakes House Histories

  4. prkkahua permalink

    Our Chapel in Hawaii has a Meneely bell. I was wondering if there are records of bell sales to Reverend Lorenzo Lyons, Hawaii. It is the Hoepa chapel. It might be in the records as the Horepa Chapel. I look forward to following your information.

    Pamela Richards
    Kahua Ranch, Hawaii

  5. Mike White permalink

    I am a descendant of Andrew & Eleanor Cobb Meneely.

    Today (12/8/13), I had the privilege of hearing the chimes, (Meneely Bells), ring at Albany’s Cathedral of All Saints for the first time in over a half century.
    The cables, wires and handles were painstakingly restored by a gentleman by the name of Joe Connors. It is my understanding that this project took well over a year.

    I’m very happy to have been able to meet him and enjoy the fruits of his efforts.
    Mike White

  6. Mike White permalink

    I goofed and said that the bells at the Cathedral rang on 12/8/13…it was actually yesterday 12/8/2012.

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