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by Dan Meneely on October 23rd, 2009

I plan on transferring all Meneely Bell Online Museum content to this blog, I will leave the old site up for as long as I can. When I retire it, I will try to have it redirect to this website.

I will contact Wikipedia and any other linking websites so that they can update accordingly.
Eventually this will get listed on Google and other search engines as well.

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  1. Mariza permalink

    Mr. Meneely,
    I am a public art conservator from Montreal, Canada. I am doing Conservation Statement Reports for the public art collection of the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
    They have a work of art which incorporates a Meneely Bell (1877, from the Meneely & Co. Foundry of West Troy, NY). I am writing the specifications for the conservation treatment of the bell and was researching the original finishes for the bell as well as for the steel yoke from which the bell hangs from. As it is now, both parts have been left without protection and the bell has a green patina and the steel yoke has some corrosion.
    Would you have any information about what the original finishes made at the foundry, for the steel yoke and the bell? I would like to specify a conservation treatment that will give the bell its original appearance as well as to provide protection for the bell so it can be kept in good condition for the years to come!

    I can send you a picture if you are interested. Thank you very much in advance.

    Gina Garcia

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